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June 2nd, 2016

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Great Leader is dead, revolution has begun. The Brigador novel follows a group of Loyalist soldiers soon to be defined by their actions. Trust is lost, comrades die, and amidst it all a Brigador rises.


Inspired by his contributions to the technical and military aspects of Brigador, Brad Buckmaster proposed a novel to the Stellar Jockeys that would provide a personal view of the conflict and destruction taking place in Brigador. Edited by Benjamin Glover, the resulting novel was too good to leave only in book form, and so Ryan Cooper was brought on to adapt the text to audiobook in time for the v1.0 game launch. Since then the Stellar Jockeys have continued working closely with Brad for both story and technical consulting, along with a 2nd novel to serve as a companion to the follow-up game.


  • 300 pages of tense, sci-fi action
  • 7 hour audiobook
  • Boots on the ground perspective of the events in Brigador
  • Background and lead-in for the follow-up game and book


Audiobook Narration Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Every railgun volley, every hardshield crackle, every burst of flame, every piece of wreckage feels utterly real."
    - 5 stars, Amazon Review
  • "Brigador is the best kind of tie-in novel and an easy recommendation for any military sci-fi fan. If you enjoy the Warhammer 40k or Battletech series, this ranks right up among the best of them..."
    - 5 stars, Amazon Review
  • "As a former tanker, I expected something at the level of the first Halo anthology, but this... This was utterly amazing and unexpected. I hope we get a few more books set in this universe sooner rather than later."
    - 5 stars, Amazon Review

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About Stellar Jockeys

Stellar Jockeys was started by brothers Hugh and Jack Monahan, who endeavor to give players the sort of lovingly detailed and hand crafted game experiences they grew up with in the golden era of PC gaming. In a stunning display of international solidarity, they hired their favorite Canadian, Karl Parakenings, and also work with the rare Irishman in Paris, Benjamin Glover. Makeup and Vanity Set is a regular collaborator who to date has scored all SJ projects. Together, their goal is nothing less than total domination of dark science fiction action games with too much lore in them.

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Brigador Novel and Audiobook Credits

Brad Buckmaster

Ryan Cooper

Benjamin Glover
Editing, Producer

Jack Monahan
Based on works by

Hugh Monahan
Editing, Based on works by

Makeup and Vanity Set

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