Weekly Update #4


Biggest visual from this week is that Harry has now tied in vehicle animation to movement speed– now when a mech accelerates from stationary to a full run it doesn’t look like Wile E. Coyote running in place. Dale has been working on updating the AI pathing to understand when formerly inaccessible areas have been breached via destructible walls. In his own words, “Props now have a new property “walkable_when_destroyed” which takes a boolean.  Anything which should no longer block pathing after being destroyed should set this field to true. AI can now reason about regions of nav mesh nodes that are reachable from other nodes inside the same region.” This brings us one step closer to a proper playable mission.

femcom9Tangentially related, Dale has also set the team up with a private chat room that saves logs– it’s one of those things that you can’t imagine not having after you’ve used it. All told it’s vastly improved our communication, which is always a bonus. For those curious, HipChat is extremely easy to set up and use, and is free for teams under 5. We highly recommend it.

In the mean time Jack and I have both been working on the pilot portraits. I spent some time specifically on getting a good set of eyes to work from for the models (they were a weak spot on my end), while Jack has been studying different patterns and techniques of tattooing. We’ll end things here with one of his early studies.

Until next week.

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