Weekly Update #3

WUbuttonBOn monday Harry implemented muzzle flashes and impact effects, though we don’t have sprites for them yet. He’s also working on a few more unit specific behaviors (infantry remaining stationary when firing) before rolling up his sleeves and digging into the lighting system. I’ve finished more of the website, and now have a couple of new heads under my belt. I think Jack and I are now more properly synchronized on that side of the art, which should allow me to produce new assets at a faster rate.

And thanks to Jack’s work we now have an a pretty large roster of units to work with. It’s going to take some time to get them all into the game though– a few still need animations done, and because of recent decision to zoom out the base camera the current in-game assets are at half scale, which means in order to implement the new assets without having a huge size disparity or wasting render time we’re waiting to implement the new assets until we have replacements for all the one’s currently in the game. Which hopefully will be soon.

Coming up this week is a lot of gameplay interation, which Dale has been hammering away at for a while. The next big step is less about small-scale mechanics and more getting a general mission flow going. Which means different game states (assault, objective extraction, evac), more functionality for environment assets, and some system of ordering your friendly units.

More on all this later.



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