Weekly Update #2

WUbuttonBSecond time around with the weekly update. Brief side note: I’ll try to keep these updates going on a Monday basis but as with anything in game development timing can vary depending on how things are going with the game’s development. Anyway, this week Dale and Harry kept working diligently on bringing more of the core design and graphics to reality. The mech ‘stomp’ and ‘crouch’ behaviors now properly animate, so all that’s left to plug in for the mech are the idle and death animations. The former is already done (at least as a first pass), and the latter should come soon.

On Dale’s side things aren’t going as quickly as we’d hoped. We’re currently using Tiled for our map editor, which has been a huge leg up but there’s still much from our game that must get plugged in before it’s really useful. Combine the early pains of adopting new tools with toeing the line between writing functional code and testing out new gameplay ideas as quickly as possible and it’s no surprise there are bumps in the road.

Jack continues to roll out new vehicles and faces for the game, which if all goes huhn-1well I’ll be posting about both individually sometime this week. Jack handles production assets almost exclusively — the one exception is that I also model pilot portraits — which allows him to craft the entire in-game aesthetic single-handedly. There are limitations of course in having one person handle nearly all production assets, but that uniform vision means he can not only work faster (only has to check with himself for visual continuity) but also be more precise in his style. Something we’ll hopefully show off soon.

For a long time I’ve been curious about what people’s schedules are like when working full time on an independent game, so to answer my own question for someone else I’ll try to keep a daily worklog. Honestly it actually serves two purposes– the first being what I just mentioned, and the second is to serve as a sort of work journal / system of accountability. Writing down what you did during a day can be surprisingly motivating when all it says is “doodled, ate ice cream, had a beer”. Not that ever happens here… Anyway, the first of those should crop up tomorrow, and in the mean time I’ll be focusing on getting more of the pilot portraits sussed out. As it stands we’ll have a pretty big playable roster. Mean time, here’s a new mech!

Alright, that’s it. Until next week.

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