Weekly Update #1

WUbuttonBSo here’s a look at what’s been going on thus far in May. With some help from Harry I’ve been building the lovely site before you. We actually had the thing mostly done after only 3 days of work, there was just a lot of fiddly bits that kept cropping up, needing attention before we could launch the new site. Now that this is done I’m switching my focus back to modeling pilot portraits and testing the game. Dale hopes to have our first extended gameplay prototype ready by the end of the week, at which point I’ll run a proper balancing pass on the weapons and vehicles. Up to this point the baseline gameplay changed so rapidly that each pass at balancing the game would be practically obsolete by the time it was finished.  As we now have all the major weapon and vehicle archetypes in-game, balancing is once again a priority.

Besides helping me build the website, Harry has been busy implementing special vehicle behaviors, like the mech crouch and the tank ram. Those are now done, at least in a preliminary fashion, and so now he can move on to adding in different animation states. As fun as moonwalking mechs are, it’ll be good to have units properly animate. After that he’ll move on to adding muzzle flashes and impact effects, as well as replacing our current debug draw of projectiles with actual sprites. Green polygons don’t exactly make for the most intimidating projectiles.

On a final note, thanks to a very helpful chat with another indie dev Mike Tipul (you really should check out Enemy Starfighter– it’s looking terrific) I can now start recording game footage and saving it out in little snippets to post as gifs. Especially now that we’re spending more time on the graphics side of the game, it’s high time I start posting footage of the game in action.

That’s it for now.


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