Stellar Jockeys
Based in Champaign, Illinois

Release date:
16 Oct, 2015

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Brigador is an isometric mech action game set in completely destructible environments. Highly difficult without being unfair. Lush revivalist graphic style reminds you of what 90's games would look like now. Huge variety of playable vehicles and weapons, deep tactics and high skill ceiling with custom map support all contribute to a game built to be played and enjoyed for a long time.


Hugh Monahan joined up with programmers Harry Hsiao and Dale Kim to build their own independent game. After valuable but difficult restarts on the project, Hugh's brother Jack Monahan was brought on board to help with art and design duties. Shortly thereafter, Brigador (formerly Matador) began development in earnest, a game that was initially conceived as a top-down tactical game became isometric action. Years in development, Brigador is the culmination of a new engine built from scratch and a team eager to share their own vision for brutal vehicle action.


  • Choose from many different mechs, tanks, and antigrav vehicles to pilot.
  • Wide range of weapons available for different play styles.
  • Several high detail, pre-authored levels and custom map support.
  • Completely destructible environments.
  • Short, high intensity playthroughs with randomized faction enemy spawning: every run is different.
  • Original soundtrack by Makeup and Vanity Set.


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Selected Articles

  • "Look at this cool skull with a dagger through it... This is Brigador. This is John Carpenter's motherfucking Brigador."
    - Austin Walker, Vincent Caravella, Alex Navarro, Giant Bomb
  • "Brigador isn’t a cash-in on nostalgia... It’s the real deal, like it was sent forward in time, without any attempt at irony or pandering—and it’s f*@$#ng awesome."
    - Jake Yanik, CG Magazine Online
  • "The Most Interesting Game at GDC was Being Shown From Some Dude's Backpack"
    - David Wolinsky, Kill Screen
  • "Blowing up everything in Brigador, one of the toughest games at PAX"
    - Tyler Wilde, PC Gamer
  • ""...Its hyper-detailed pixel art nightscapes are cool. Its electronic music by Makeup and Vanity Set is cool. Its mixture of all-out combat and tactical semi-stealth is cool. Its evocation of late-'80s/early-'90s scifi films and Amiga games is cool.""
    - Graham Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • ""...Stellar Jockeys are essentially the Independent Studio equivalent of The Avengers. Their elite four man team of laser focused programmers, and highly trained artists seem to function like Marvel's band of heroes.""
    - Nick Gunnare, Blackman'n Robin

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About Stellar Jockeys

The Stellar Jockeys are a 4-man team who've worked together full time since the end of 2012: brothers Hugh and Jack Monahan handle art and design while Harry Hsiao and Dale Kim handle programming. Our first commercial title as a team is Brigador, an isometric vehicular action game and built with our own custom engine. As a studio our aim is producing high quality, mechanically interesting games; Brigador hopefully being the first of many to that end.

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Game Name Credits

Hugh Monahan
Design, CEO

Jack Monahan
Art, Design

Dale Kim

Harry Hsiao

Tapio Liukkonen (contractor)

Matt Pusti aka Makeup and Vanity Set (contractor)

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