Preorders and other business

So we have preorders open on the main page. That’s cool. Years of work have gone into reaching this point, and we still have months more ahead. Our private testing pool hovers just over the 100 mark, though only a fraction of that are highly active players. Part of that is just the nature of outsourcing testing to internet buddies instead of paid testers, and part of that is because the game is still… rough.

We’re also seriously reconsidering whether we want to go down the road of early access. Admittedly there are advantages there, not the least of which is getting a much larger number of eyes on the game before its release and simply getting the money train rolling sooner rather than later. The downside however is that you’re starting to see a backlash against early access games, and rightfully so methinks. I’ve seen a lot of games that are hitting up early access at far too early in their gestation– the burden of having paid users playing your game is that your development cycle has to adjust to fulfill their needs and critiques of the gameplay instead of simply continuing to development the game at one’s own discretion. Many times what most needs getting done has nothing to do directly with the gameplay, and as such your player base can feel stymied.

Anyway, no hard decision yet, but it’s one we’re thinking over. In the mean time, preorder now if you’re so inclined– DRM free as well as on steam, and at a discount from the final price.

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