Once More and with Feeling

avatar-64Well we’ve said goodbye to the old girl. The old blog I mean– served us well but after coming across some small bugs we sat down and thought about it, and realized that the construction of the original site was a bit… shortsighted. No need to go into the details, save that sooner or later it needed to be fixed / rebuilt. Plus, there were some issues with posting and it wasn’t all that nice looking of a site anyway (blame lies entirely with me on that).

So, new day and a new blog. Hopefully this is the last I’ll have to say about it for a long while, and instead properly focus the posts on making the game, as it’s the whole reason for the site in the first place. For the curious, the old site is archived at http://www.stellarjockeys.com/blog.

Here’s to being one little step closer. Stick around.


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