New Ammo Depots!

ammoBe sure to bring your fighting vehicle over and enjoy the bounty of Fearless Leader’s fuel and ammo dispensary! Our original depots posed major recognition difficulties for players– not only could players often not be able to tell what depot dispensed what ammo type, many overlooked the ammo depots entirely. My brilliant quick-fix until now, and which we’ve been running with for far too long, has been to just label over the sprite with the depot type. Much as I love magical floating text in our game, this new depot and icon system jack has going now is a major improvement.

It’s going to take some time to get all these into the game, as we’ve both been extra busy on the whole preparing to announce Matador and there are some changes that need to be made to the data itself along with the sprite swap. Currently ammo depots can be ‘destroyed’ in that they’ll explode and not dispense ammo anymore, but the player can still detonate depots that have been fully emptied, and more importantly the current depot doesn’t disappear or change to rubble when destroyed. It just becomes inert. Mean time we’re getting in new rubble sprites and proper exit gates should be forthcoming as well. So much to do, so little time.

Here’s to a warm reception when we get on with properly announcing the game. Until then.

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