More things to stomp on

carsWe have cars now! This asset batch is the fruit of Jack’s latest dev-stream ( They’re almost entirely a decorative element, however the value add of having these little guys scattered around a level is huge. Many of our maps have major thoroughfares that currently are entirely barren. It makes a the level feel naked and uninhabited, and we want these environments to have a worn, lived in feel to them.

You may have noticed that we emphasize object / terrain destruction pretty heavily– there are the obvious gameplay reasons, but from an aesthetic standpoint we feel it’s important for the player to witness the kind of destruction committed in the process of tangling with the other factions. On the one hand it serves the give the player a sense of his/her own power and the mutability of the world they’re fighting in, but also to help them see just the kind of chaos is inevitable with weaponry of this magnitude. Many games seem to only pay lip service to collateral damage, or if it’s a highlight it’s part of a big dramatic scripted sequence which the player has no control over. We want the player to finish a level and be awed by the havok they’ve wrought, and know every bit of rubble is directly connected with them.

Not a grand philosophical statement so much as an effort to get players to pause and wonder, even if only for a second.


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