GREENLIGHT! (and other press bits)

Soooooo reveal day happened. Full on jitters are going down, and sleep hasn’t been my strong suit of late (though tbh I don’t know if it ever was). We are now officially on Greenlight (I’ll do a post later with analytics info once we have it), and have been oh so generously covered by increasingly impressive games news outlets. We did an interview with PC Gamer today, have another with Alive2Play tomorrow, and now are posted on such sites as RPS & Giantbomb. The party started by launching the trailer on twitter and me spamming the news world with emails, and now the snowball is starting to roll.

A huge thanks to all the guys who’ve stuck around and lent words of encouragement these last two years. We’re not out of this yet, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel now, and where there’s light there’s hope.

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