Full Steam Ahead

First, I’m not at all sorry for the terrible pun. I blame RockPaperShotgun though. They started it.

Whelp. Guess who was greenlit in two days? Thanks to everyone’s fantastic enthusiasm, we’ve been able to get straight back to developing the game. Originally we were hoping to start early access around march, but between the lead time that Valve needs before distributing builds and the fact that we’re going to need a more complete version of the game before we’re comfortable sending it off into the world, it’s looking like late may is a much more reasonable target date.

Next up is finishing up our current combat revision and getting out a proper gameplay trailer — seems to be some confusion as to what exactly our game is, so we’ll look to address that by the end of the month. Until then.

well would you look at that...

well would you look at that…



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