The Pilot Special

We’re long overdue for a more thorough breakdown of the game, and in this particular post I’ll be talking about the pilots. Jack and I have both spent a lot of thought on how to best build a large, persistent character base with a comparatively small, low budget game. A point of reference we keep coming back to is X-COM (1994 version — if you’ve never heard of it then go look it up; going into detail would mean being here all day), and for a couple of good reasons. X-COM […]


Weekly Update #3

On monday Harry implemented muzzle flashes and impact effects, though we don’t have sprites for them yet. He’s also working on a few more unit specific behaviors (infantry remaining stationary when firing) before rolling up his sleeves and digging into the lighting system. I’ve finished more of the website, and now have a couple of new heads under my belt. I think Jack and I are now more properly synchronized on that side of the art, which should allow me to produce new assets at a faster rate. And thanks […]


Work Log #1: May 2013

May 27th-June 2nd: Crazy weekend, but needed the good break. Jack is out of town for the first part of this week but the rest of us will keep on truckin. Monday Memorial Day! New posts on the website Planning trip out to New York (personal reasons but trying to fit in some studio visits to other indies while I’m at it) Tuesday Bunch of stuff unrelated to the game but which I had to take care of (bank visit, managing the books &etc.) Wednesday New posts on the blog […]


Weekly Update #2

Second time around with the weekly update. Brief side note: I’ll try to keep these updates going on a Monday basis but as with anything in game development timing can vary depending on how things are going with the game’s development. Anyway, this week Dale and Harry kept working diligently on bringing more of the core design and graphics to reality. The mech ‘stomp’ and ‘crouch’ behaviors now properly animate, so all that’s left to plug in for the mech are the idle and death animations. The former is already […]


Weekly Update #1

So here’s a look at what’s been going on thus far in May. With some help from Harry I’ve been building the lovely site before you. We actually had the thing mostly done after only 3 days of work, there was just a lot of fiddly bits that kept cropping up, needing attention before we could launch the new site. Now that this is done I’m switching my focus back to modeling pilot portraits and testing the game. Dale hopes to have our first extended gameplay prototype ready by the […]


Once More and with Feeling

Well we’ve said goodbye to the old girl. The old blog I mean– served us well but after coming across some small bugs we sat down and thought about it, and realized that the construction of the original site was a bit… shortsighted. No need to go into the details, save that sooner or later it needed to be fixed / rebuilt. Plus, there were some issues with posting and it wasn’t all that nice looking of a site anyway (blame lies entirely with me on that). So, new day […]