New Ammo Depots!

Be sure to bring your fighting vehicle over and enjoy the bounty of Fearless Leader’s fuel and ammo dispensary! Our original depots posed major recognition difficulties for players– not only could players often not be able to tell what depot dispensed what ammo type, many overlooked the ammo depots entirely. My brilliant quick-fix until now, and which we’ve been running with for far too long, has been to just label over the sprite with the depot type. Much as I love magical floating text in our game, this new depot […]


Friends Edition: Wolfire

Congratulations are in order to the fellas over at Wolfire; their game Overgrowth is now on steam, and as of this post is listed as a top seller. They’re a generous group of guys, some of whom we correspond with regularly and have caught at the odd convention now and again. I’m going name drop Aubrey (aka Ninjas) at this point for having been a major help thus far in our attempt to get Matador / Stellar Jockeys off the ground– his support and insight has helped us avoid more than […]


Team Stream

Turns out getting streaming set up on is quite easy, and is something we probably should have done a while back. Though to be fair the early stages of game dev are far less interesting to watch– you don’t have all the pretty bits and bobs in yet. Anyway, we are now streaming development on a regular basis. You can find us at: & See you on the stream web jockey.


And We’re Back!

A whole lot of progress since our last post– to give you an idea we now have: connections between levels / player persistence randomized unit spawning data support for multiple enemy factions a whole host of new renders for vehicles, weapons, and explosions LIGHTING! Fortunately this is a case of being too busy to post on the blog, as opposed to the entire project just vanishing into the ether. We’re hitting that final stretch of development now, so while on the down side we’re busier than ever, we now have […]


Weekly Update #4

Biggest visual from this week is that Harry has now tied in vehicle animation to movement speed– now when a mech accelerates from stationary to a full run it doesn’t look like Wile E. Coyote running in place. Dale has been working on updating the AI pathing to understand when formerly inaccessible areas have been breached via destructible walls. In his own words, “Props now have a new property “walkable_when_destroyed” which takes a boolean.  Anything which should no longer block pathing after being destroyed should set this field to true. […]


The Weapon Special

The weapons in Matador have evolved quite a bit since we started, both functionally and aesthetically. So let’s talk about that. Below is the first pass — the breakdown of weapon types as listed is still correct (MGs, howitzers, artillery, lasers, and flamethrowers), as are the three mount variants: Heavy Mount: highest overall damage, but cannot traverse independently of the chassis. Auxiliary Mount: smaller version of the heavy mount — lower damage, but typically with a much higher rate of fire and with an additional independent traverse (15°-60°). Turret Mount: […]