New trailer & moving forward

It’s been far too long since we’ve updated this blog, but it’s easy to get buried beneath the myriad tasks involved in game development. Last year out of legal precautions we changed the name from Matador to Brigador (which after a period of transition has dramatically improved our SEO), and since then we’ve been very hard at work getting this game to the finish line. Our new trailer shown below is a good representation of the current state of affairs, and we can finally announce that we’ll be releasing the […]


Preorders and other business

So we have preorders open on the main page. That’s cool. Years of work have gone into reaching this point, and we still have months more ahead. Our private testing pool hovers just over the 100 mark, though only a fraction of that are highly active players. Part of that is just the nature of outsourcing testing to internet buddies instead of paid testers, and part of that is because the game is still… rough. We’re also seriously reconsidering whether we want to go down the road of early access. […]


Full Steam Ahead

First, I’m not at all sorry for the terrible pun. I blame RockPaperShotgun though. They started it. Whelp. Guess who was greenlit in two days? Thanks to everyone’s fantastic enthusiasm, we’ve been able to get straight back to developing the game. Originally we were hoping to start early access around march, but between the lead time that Valve needs before distributing builds and the fact that we’re going to need a more complete version of the game before we’re comfortable sending it off into the world, it’s looking like late […]



Just realized we’ve released a trailer as of a few days ago and yet I haven’t even posted it on our own website. Clearly I’m the savviest of the savvy when it comes to marketing…


GREENLIGHT! (and other press bits)

Soooooo reveal day happened. Full on jitters are going down, and sleep hasn’t been my strong suit of late (though tbh I don’t know if it ever was). We are now officially on Greenlight (I’ll do a post later with analytics info once we have it), and have been oh so generously covered by increasingly impressive games news outlets. We did an interview with PC Gamer today, have another with Alive2Play tomorrow, and now are posted on such sites as RPS & Giantbomb. The party started by launching the trailer […]


More things to stomp on

We have cars now! This asset batch is the fruit of Jack’s latest dev-stream ( They’re almost entirely a decorative element, however the value add of having these little guys scattered around a level is huge. Many of our maps have major thoroughfares that currently are entirely barren. It makes a the level feel naked and uninhabited, and we want these environments to have a worn, lived in feel to them. You may have noticed that we emphasize object / terrain destruction pretty heavily– there are the obvious gameplay reasons, […]