work log


New Ammo Depots!

Be sure to bring your fighting vehicle over and enjoy the bounty of Fearless Leader’s fuel and ammo dispensary! Our original depots posed major recognition difficulties for players– not only could players often not be able to tell what depot dispensed what ammo type, many overlooked the ammo depots entirely. My brilliant quick-fix until now, and which we’ve been running with for far too long, has been to just label over the sprite with the depot type. Much as I love magical floating text in our game, this new depot […]


Work Log #1: May 2013

May 27th-June 2nd: Crazy weekend, but needed the good break. Jack is out of town for the first part of this week but the rest of us will keep on truckin. Monday Memorial Day! New posts on the website Planning trip out to New York (personal reasons but trying to fit in some studio visits to other indies while I’m at it) Tuesday Bunch of stuff unrelated to the game but which I had to take care of (bank visit, managing the books &etc.) Wednesday New posts on the blog […]