Preorders and other business

So we have preorders open on the main page. That’s cool. Years of work have gone into reaching this point, and we still have months more ahead. Our private testing pool hovers just over the 100 mark, though only a fraction of that are highly active players. Part of that is just the nature of outsourcing testing to internet buddies instead of paid testers, and part of that is because the game is still… rough. We’re also seriously reconsidering whether we want to go down the road of early access. […]


GREENLIGHT! (and other press bits)

Soooooo reveal day happened. Full on jitters are going down, and sleep hasn’t been my strong suit of late (though tbh I don’t know if it ever was). We are now officially on Greenlight (I’ll do a post later with analytics info once we have it), and have been oh so generously covered by increasingly impressive games news outlets. We did an interview with PC Gamer today, have another with Alive2Play tomorrow, and now are posted on such sites as RPS & Giantbomb. The party started by launching the trailer […]


More things to stomp on

We have cars now! This asset batch is the fruit of Jack’s latest dev-stream (http://www.twitch.tv/gausswerks). They’re almost entirely a decorative element, however the value add of having these little guys scattered around a level is huge. Many of our maps have major thoroughfares that currently are entirely barren. It makes a the level feel naked and uninhabited, and we want these environments to have a worn, lived in feel to them. You may have noticed that we emphasize object / terrain destruction pretty heavily– there are the obvious gameplay reasons, […]


Team Stream

Turns out getting streaming set up on Twitch.tv is quite easy, and is something we probably should have done a while back. Though to be fair the early stages of game dev are far less interesting to watch– you don’t have all the pretty bits and bobs in yet. Anyway, we are now streaming development on a regular basis. You can find us at: http://www.twitch.tv/stellarjockeys/ & http://www.twitch.tv/gausswerks See you on the stream web jockey.


Once More and with Feeling

Well we’ve said goodbye to the old girl. The old blog I mean– served us well but after coming across some small bugs we sat down and thought about it, and realized that the construction of the original site was a bit… shortsighted. No need to go into the details, save that sooner or later it needed to be fixed / rebuilt. Plus, there were some issues with posting and it wasn’t all that nice looking of a site anyway (blame lies entirely with me on that). So, new day […]