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New trailer & moving forward

It’s been far too long since we’ve updated this blog, but it’s easy to get buried beneath the myriad tasks involved in game development. Last year out of legal precautions we changed the name from Matador to Brigador (which after a period of transition has dramatically improved our SEO), and since then we’ve been very hard at work getting this game to the finish line. Our new trailer shown below is a good representation of the current state of affairs, and we can finally announce that we’ll be releasing the […]


And We’re Back!

A whole lot of progress since our last post– to give you an idea we now have: connections between levels / player persistence randomized unit spawning data support for multiple enemy factions a whole host of new renders for vehicles, weapons, and explosions LIGHTING! Fortunately this is a case of being too busy to post on the blog, as opposed to the entire project just vanishing into the ether. We’re hitting that final stretch of development now, so while on the down side we’re busier than ever, we now have […]


The Weapon Special

The weapons in Matador have evolved quite a bit since we started, both functionally and aesthetically. So let’s talk about that. Below is the first pass — the breakdown of weapon types as listed is still correct (MGs, howitzers, artillery, lasers, and flamethrowers), as are the three mount variants: Heavy Mount: highest overall damage, but cannot traverse independently of the chassis. Auxiliary Mount: smaller version of the heavy mount — lower damage, but typically with a much higher rate of fire and with an additional independent traverse (15°-60°). Turret Mount: […]


The Pilot Special

We’re long overdue for a more thorough breakdown of the game, and in this particular post I’ll be talking about the pilots. Jack and I have both spent a lot of thought on how to best build a large, persistent character base with a comparatively small, low budget game. A point of reference we keep coming back to is X-COM (1994 version — if you’ve never heard of it then go look it up; going into detail would mean being here all day), and for a couple of good reasons. X-COM […]