And We’re Back!

A whole lot of progress since our last post– to give you an idea we now have:

  • connections between levels / player persistence
  • randomized unit spawning
  • data support for multiple enemy factions
  • a whole host of new renders for vehicles, weapons, and explosions

Fortunately this is a case of being too busy to post on the blog, as opposed to the entire project just vanishing into the ether. We’re hitting that final stretch of development now, so while on the down side we’re busier than ever, we now have much more to talk about, especially as Matador has evolved past the state of primordial game juice. Plus, the game is actually looking pretty cool now; from a visual standpoint we now have a majority one faction (out of four) finished, as well as a small portion of the extra bits plugged in; things like explosions and muzzle flares go a long way toward lending the game a sense of authenticity to the scene. 

So, down to brass tacks. We’re now updating the build weekly and have a small cadre of friends testing the game. We a vertical slice of the game running now, and so this week we’re spending on filling in as many of the visual gaps as we can. We still have a lot of debug drawing in lieu of explosions and effects, but most of that should be taken care of within the next week or two.

Up on the horizon is to start rendering out a second faction and to keep iterating on the gameplay. The core loop isn’t quite there yet, so we just need to keep on digging away at it.


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