Hugh Monahan

Smooth Operator. Hugh got his start with industrial design and illustration but saw the light and switched over to games, founding the Stellar Jockeys in the process. He contributes to the art pipeline as well as managing game data and balancing. He also runs this site.

Jack Monahan

Man About Town. Jack has contracted on several games in addition working as lead designer on Darkest of Days. Here he's the lead artist and contributes to design and other components as well.
He also runs a blog about game design.

Dale Kim

Gentleman & Scholar. Dale was the first programmer with Stellar Jockeys; his work focuses mainly on AI, gameplay, and gently informing Hugh and Jack "that's probably a bad idea."

Harry Hsiao

Wizard. Harry is a programmer who focuses on graphics, UI, and being as inscrutable as possible.
That's it.

The Stellar Jockeys are a 4-man team founded in the summer of 2011, based out of Champaign, IL and Seattle, WA. We are currently building our first commercial game, Brigador (an isometric tactical action game), using our own custom built engine.