2013 December


More things to stomp on

We have cars now! This asset batch is the fruit of Jack’s latest dev-stream (http://www.twitch.tv/gausswerks). They’re almost entirely a decorative element, however the value add of having these little guys scattered around a level is huge. Many of our maps have major thoroughfares that currently are entirely barren. It makes a the level feel naked and uninhabited, and we want these environments to have a worn, lived in feel to them. You may have noticed that we emphasize object / terrain destruction pretty heavily– there are the obvious gameplay reasons, […]


New Ammo Depots!

Be sure to bring your fighting vehicle over and enjoy the bounty of Fearless Leader’s fuel and ammo dispensary! Our original depots posed major recognition difficulties for players– not only could players often not be able to tell what depot dispensed what ammo type, many overlooked the ammo depots entirely. My brilliant quick-fix until now, and which we’ve been running with for far too long, has been to just label over the sprite with the depot type. Much as I love magical floating text in our game, this new depot […]


Friends Edition: Wolfire

Congratulations are in order to the fellas over at¬†Wolfire; their game Overgrowth is now on steam, and as of this post is listed as a top seller. They’re a generous group of guys, some of whom we correspond with regularly and have caught at the odd convention now and again. I’m going name drop Aubrey (aka Ninjas) at this point for having been a major help thus far in our attempt to get Matador / Stellar Jockeys off the ground– his support and insight has helped us avoid more than […]